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Galactic Roots Quantum Reading $111.


Are you ready to feel more like a multidimensional being? Do you want to know where your Soul went when you first left Source? Want to connect with your star family from the past?


If you answered yes to any of these questions then here is the perfect introductory reading to peak your curiosity and start to widen your perspective and slowly uncover the richness of your Soul.


What's Included

  • audio or written report

  • your Soul’s Colour(s) and what that means

  • What Star system(s) you went to when you 1st departed from Source

  • What that/those Star Nation(s) represent and how you can connect to it


If you liked this report and are ready to take it further, add on $164 within 4 weeks of receiving this reading to upgrade to the Premium package at no extra cost.

Moon Light Galactic Readings


The moon in which you were born under holds so many secrets to your Souls Yearnings. Do you feel the need for clarity and guidance on what is true for you on a Soul level? Do you want to get in touch with your Souls greatest's callings, your emotions, what makes you tick, and start taking steps to align with them?

I like to dive deep into the Moons waters and shine light on all those subconscious waves creating a pathway for you to explore.


What’s included:

  • audio or written report

  • Soul Colour(s) and meaning

  • Moon phase and sign at birth and their meanings

  • Speed it travelled and declination at birth

  • Star nations aligned with your Moon

  • How to connect with those star systems for extra support

  • Present time moon sign and how this affects you


If you enjoyed this report and are ready to take it further, add on $90. within 4 weeks of receiving this reading to upgrade to the Premium package at no extra cost.

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Quantum Soul Guidance Galactic Astrology Reading


This is my premium offering which is perfect for those wanting to learn all about their Divine themes, plans, and missions.

I will be weaving your natal chart, galactic chart, and akashic records story through my seat of perception to find your themes, soul’s mission, and purpose in this lifetime.

This session serves your expansion, elevates consciousness, and creates self love in the spaces it was missing. The spaces where self judgement or past limitations burdened.


What’s Included:

  • Your choice of audio or written report

  • Soul Colour(s) and meaning

  • Deep look at your natal chart

  • Galactic chart, find your past and recent incarnations in the galaxies and how this serves you in this lifetime

  • Akashic records reading

  • Your life themes, missions, and or purposes

  • How to connect with the star systems your aligned with for extra support

  • Present time sun and moon sign and how this affects you

  • Heliacal Rising and Setting star and what that means

  • All delivered to you in a practical and digestible way


If you enjoyed this report and would like to have a 30 minute live call add it on within 3 weeks of delivery for $75.00. This video call can be added on to any of my services


Child's Healing Report


The children are our future and we are their Guardians. This report is for parents and guardians and will help you understand your child better.

See your child deeper than the surface and become aware of their higher guidance so you can best serve them as they grow and mature into adulthood. I have performed these sessions on newborns and recommend no later than age 18. As after that, they do not require your consent.

What's Included

  • emailed report to the parent/guardian

  • Soul colour(s) and meaning

  • Looking for possible themes, behaviours, likes, and needs

  • Their Star guides

  • Heliacal Rising and Setting stars and what that means

  • Sending them Quantum Reiki Healing

I will need your child's full birth details, including time and location.

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