Sabrina Savoy is assisting

 the global wake up through spirit work, with expertise in Usui Reiki which began in 2008 and energy channelling. Her energy work is paired with a variety of alternative healing tools and is not limited to: crystals, sound, meditation, breathwork, shamanic practices, & movement.


Sabrina is fueled by her passion to leave this Earth better than she found it. She believes that when 1 person heals we all share that healing, and she respectfully took on the role of assisting others to heal their lineage and shift their frequency. 

"Healing is tough work. It can be difficult to face the root of our limiting beliefs and experiences, but it can be met with love and come from a place of empowerment instead of wounding."

Sabrina's drive for holistic healing resulted in the creation of Infinite Me, 32 day journal of self empowerment.

A book that has been specifically created to fire new neural pathways that form positive self talk, while uncovering the blockages from the subconscious mind. The artwork in this journal is considered High Vibrational art which Sabrina crafted with intentions and light codes to serve as an additional aid in healing and inspiration. 

Usui Reiki Master-Teacher, Certified Yoga Instructor, Author, Wifey, Momma,

 Multi-passionate entrepreneur 

 Sabrina is compassionately serving her unique Spirit Work sessions virtually as well as remotely to better serve this planet. 

At this time Sabrina is offering private/small group Usui Reiki Trainings to her clientele and yoga classes are put on hold until further notice.

"The world is bright when we see our infinite potential"

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