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Sandy Beach


I love to offer the community free meditations. I have a growing collection on my YouTube channel as well as more audio files on the InsightTimer App. 

Every couple of months or so, I do Free LIVE Meditations on InsightTimer, you can join by following my profile here:


 As we further along our self healing paths and ascension journey's meditation that assists us to cleanse, calibrate, and fine tune our frequency will become increasely important.

When starting meditation remember that it is a practice and a skill, it's okay if you do not "get it" at first. Small progress is better than standing still, so go slowly and be gentle on yourself.



 let's work together!

I will meet you as you are.  I want to see you living life with heart. Equipped, balanced, and ready to shine through anything; trusting in yourself and your natural born abilities. 

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