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 what do i do best?

Energy Work. All things are energy, we are energy. So when we focus upon nourishing ourselves with pure life loving energy we create an environment for miracles, radical shifts, and spiritual evolution. 


energy work

Orange Flower

oracle readings

Flowers in Sock

reiki trainings

Yellow Rose

what they're saying

I had the most amazing experience with Sabrina, she is truly magical. I've done Reiki many times in the past and was pleasantly surprised by my session with Sabrina as it was so much more then Reiki.


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Orange Flower
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Balancing and harmonizing all the energies that we are. These sessions are great for relieving stress and trauma, body pains, finding yourself, stabilizing and strengthening your connection, learning how to trust yourself, awakening your true talents and intuition.

All ages.


  • tailored specifically to you

  • can be done in person, virtually, or remotely

  • packages and subsequent sessions are available at a reduced cost

  • parent and child(ren)/sibling sessions are available

  • hospital visits upon request

  • energy work/meditation parties are available (it's the new tupperware party)


Service 1
Flowers in Sock
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For those seeking insight and clarity into a situation. These sessions serve the highest available timeline for the greatest good of all. Your guides will be present in working with me while we focus upon what you have requested. Be warned, effort on your half to reach that highest potential will be needed.

 what's included?

  • upon booking we will choose an agreed upon time

  • this session is performed remotely so you may carry on with your day as you wish

  • a detailed email report will be sent to you

  • one question follow up (got a question about the report? No problem reply back to my email)


Service 2
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Yellow Rose
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I teach the lineage of Usui Reiki. I am 9th in line from the original, Dr. Mikao Usui. I became a Reiki Master in 2010 and trained under the lovely, Karen Fiorucci. 

Usui Reiki trainings are life changing. Starting with 1st degree, the foundation for energetic transformation is all about the self; How you heal, how you feel, interpret and respond to energies, and of course lots of practice. 1st degree is not a practitioner level.

2nd degree is the initiation of the practitioner, by now you will have practiced and understood deeper layers of yourself and have integrated the tools necessary for this next step. Many people decide to do 2nd degree training for their own use or when called to share it with the world.

3rd degree, the road of the Master. A calling to become the healers guide. When you consciously choose to take the oath of Reiki Master a new path reveals, one of patience, dedication, and infinite wisdom yet to be discovered.

Service 3

 what's included?

  • manual

  • attunements

  • certificate

  • refreshments

  • on going support

  • discount on energy work sessions

  • community

  • trainings are reserved for my clients only at this time

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