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 what do i do best?

Energy Work. All things are energy, we are energy. So when we focus upon nourishing ourselves with pure life loving energy we create an environment for miracles, radical shifts, and spiritual evolution. 


energy healing


galactic astrology


child's healing


what they're saying

I had the most amazing experience with Sabrina, she is truly magical. I've done Reiki many times in the past and was pleasantly surprised by my session with Sabrina as it was so much more then Reiki.



Energy Work

Usui Reiki is my foundation and the session is built upon from there according to your needs. I meet you as you are. Energy healing is a process and a very rewarding one at that. As a facilitator it is my intention to always serve your highest potential and the highest light of all. 


These sessions are great for awakening your self healing abilities, balancing and harmonizing the whole body. Energy cleansings and easing phsyical discomfort.  As well as great for relieving stress and trauma, finding yourself, stabilizing and strengthening your source connection, learning how to trust yourself, awakening your true talents, intuition, and so much more.

Suitable for all ages.


  • tailored specifically to you

  • can be done in person, virtually, or remotely

  • packages and subsequent sessions are available at a reduced cost

  • parent and child(ren)/sibling sessions are available

  • hospital visits upon request

INITIAL FEE: $120/hour

Galactic Astro



Galactic astrology is the art of traditional astrology, merged with the power of awareness with our fixed star alignments. I look at the snap shot of the sky when you first entered this world. Through Galactic Astrology we can access information on our Souls entrance, where did you go when you first departed from Source? What soul journey have you been on as a galactic race? Were you part of the Lyran wars or are you a part of the Starseed Envoy Program, here to help with Earths Ascension? There is so much to discover in these sessions. Even if you are brand new to astrology and have no idea what this all means, I can deliver this to you in a practical way, so you can bridge the gap of your life here on Earth to your connections in the stars. You will feel validated, empowered, and trust in your Divine abilities.


  • these sessions are designed to help you elevate your consciousness and expand your awareness

  • these sessions provide you with validation as to why you are the way you are and how certain challenges were already agreed upon before entering this Earth

  • I use Galactic Astrology and tropical astrology to weave together your souls story

  • Full Birth Details Required: date, time, location, and relocation if different than birth place

  • All sessions under this umbrella included a quantum healing while I am performing your reading

There are several options available, click here


There are many details to uncover through your Moon Sign. I like to dive deep into the Moons Waters and discover Your Moon Phase at birth, the speed it travelled, and declination, plus more, to relate to you, Your Deepest Soul Yearnings, What Makes You Tick, & Provide you with Clarity on how to navigate your emotions. Bringing Light to all those subconscious waves to better understand what lays beneath the surface.

You will also find out what Stars are aligned with your Moon and how you can connect to them to support your journey.

I will need your full birth details, including time and location.

Moon Light Galactic Reading $185.00, your choice of either audio or written pdf delivery.


  • Moon Sign

  • Moon Phase at Birth

  • Element, Speed, and Declination

  • Moon aspects and how this applies to you

  • Star and Galactic connections according to your Moon

  • Affirmations and guidance to support your journey

Upgrade to Premium Package for $90.00 within 4 weeks of receiving your moon report

Moon Reading

Child's Healing Report


The Children are our future and we are their guardians. This report is for children of all ages, including newborns and is for the parents and guardians of the child. This report will help you relate to your child(ren) better through awareness of the frequencies they are bringing into the world. I will be finding the childs Soul Colour(s) and what that represents, shedding light on their behavious, likes, and needs while sending them Quantum Reiki healing.


  • this session is performed remotely and available worldwide

  • you will received an emailed written report

  • healing sent to your child

  • find out their soul colour(s) and what it means

  • any personal messages from spirit to assist you to serve your childs greatest development

I will need your childs full birth details, including time and location.

Child's Healing Report $120.00, emailed report

Child's Healing Report
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