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Sandy Beach


One of the things I love to offer to the community are free meditations. Anyone can give themselves a few minutes a day to rest, re-charge, and heal a little deeper. If we want to create something new within our selves and our lives then we must be willing to do something about it.

If you are new to meditations or distant healings then please give a free meditation a try, then work your way up to the paid meditations.

This is a gentle meditation that is suitable for all experience levels. The music is soft and soothing. You will be guided into a healthy state of forgiveness. Sometimes we are the ones that do not show up for ourselves and we hold onto that as failure. And sometimes we wish for others to show up for us in a specific way and that creates disappointment. During this meditation both sides will be address to create healing and energetic nourishment to cultivate more confidence in stepping forward.

Lovingly release the past wounds that have been carried since Childhood. Bless the past with Divine Light and nurture your Inner Child with the love, kindness, and support they need in order to align with your highest available timeline.

This is visualization meditation journey with music to enrich the senses. You will be guided through some breath work exercises to cleanse the meridian lines and clear the energy channels, as well as to stimulate the pineal gland. You will come to a place to meet your spirit guides and travel the universe to meet your higher self and see the beautiful earth from a birds eye view.

This lovingly guided meditation will provide you with the positive reinforcement needed to remember that you are pure at heart, a loving child of the divine.

This meditation is good for:

~ strengthening your ability to choose healthy food

~ building up your confidence

~ recovering from injury/surgery

~ balancing hormones

~ stress release ~ trusting oneself ~ expanding love

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Image by Renáta-Adrienn


Earth Protector, Energy Medicine Sabrina Savoy, Natural Healer, Ascension Guide


 let's work together!

I will meet you as you are.  I want to see you living life with heart. Equipped, balanced, and ready to shine through anything; trusting in yourself and your natural born abilities. 

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