This quantum womb healing meditation has been created for the healing of our lineages. Whether you knew your parents or not, this experience will assist in the clearing of the mental and emotional traumas that we have taken on, knowingly or unknowingly. 

Just under 25minutes to sooth all relations. Please watch the introduction video first to prepare for your healing.


This meditation can be listened to as often as you like. 

This mp3 will become downloadable immeditately after purchase.

Quantum Womb Healing

  • "After the meditation I was; Relaxed and refreshed. The tension melted away and my ego had subdued. This meditation helped me feel connected with Source energy and my Devine connection with God. I am calm and ready to continue on my righteous path and I am excited for my journey. I am greatful for the opportunity to envisioned my mother pregnant, the entire experience was beautiful and cleansing. I felt the connection and Love of my parents and ancestral past, flow to me and I rejoiced. I especially enjoyed the opening of the meditation. Calling in the guardians of the cardinal directions was so soothing and I felt very protected and surrounded by Light and Love."
    - Stephanie Parsons

  • no refunds oe exchanges.