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Sometimes after receiving a Quantum Soul Guidance session, a Zoom Call Follow Up is booked to go over a few things and share your experience with me.


Or if you recieved your reading over Zoom or Audio, you'd like to purchase the PDF version as well.

This step is completely optional, but here is where you purchase the additional service.

If you have any questions reach me at:

Add On Zoom Call/PDF

  • Upon Booking a Galactic Astrology, Quantum Soul Guidance Reading, You Agree and are Aware that the turn around time is 3 weeks.

    Once payment is received for your service, I will email you to set up a Live Zoom Call Date if that is what you chose as your Delivery method. To Reschedule a live meeting contact If you ordered a PDF or Audio File Delivery, I will email you to notify you that I received your information and will begin preparing your amazing report.

    To Reschedule a live meeting  or ask any further questions contact

    You have read and agreed to the FAQS page:

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